Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


Zack Wilson

Shimmering with poetic detail, Zack Wilson's prose chisels meaning from the seemingly meaningless lives he describes. Shifting from the tragic and romantic to the blackly comic, the pathos, longing and occasional hope that exists in the mundane are brought into sharp focus by his unflinching writing.


Born in Skegness to a Scottish father and a mother from Sheffield, Zack spent his youth in Yorkshire and the Midlands before settling in Sheffield ten years ago. Having had a variety of jobs, including spells as a cook, a teacher and a labourer, Zack uses the details of working-class life to make wider, though often opaque, points about the world, whether emotional or political.


This collection contains some of his best work. Moving lyrical pieces that will stir and amuse you, and might just make you open your eyes a little wider the next time you're taking a tram ride...




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