Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


Write North-West

This is an anthology of prose and poetry from the North West, it's the brain-child of Doctor Ursula Hurley and her colleagues at Salford University; Dr Hurley writes in her foreword:


'Many of the writers you see published here are in print for the first time, while others with more experience can add this publication to a growing list of credits. We find memoir that takes us back to wartime childhoods, as well as engaging accounts of more recent experiences and the cosmopolitan present. Some writers have projected their imaginations back, far beyond living memory, into the ancient history of the area. Others have captured emotional responses to the moods and landscapes of our region in poems of all shapes and sizes. We see the traditional and the innovative, carefully crafted short stories, and experiments in dialect and point of view. What binds all of these authors together is their passionate response to the Northwest of England; through good times and hard, we see the humour, spirit and liveliness of expression that makes each of these pieces so memorable and engaging.'


There are herein 144 pages of totally captivating and absorbing literature from highly talented and original writers; read it, absorb it, ponder, then read it all once more, at leisure; it's a collection to come back to over and over again...







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