Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


Vaughan Rapatahana

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Some commentary on Vaughan's new collection:


Vaughan Rapatahana is a poet whose voice and viewpoint crosses continents, countries and cultures both linguistically and physically. He has the eye of a dispassionate observer but the emotion of the engaged, involved participant, his poems on love and loss, travel and home resonate with the reader or listener. I have been privileged to hear some of the poems presented in this collection and they are as powerful in the spoken word as they are in the written form.

- David McKirdy, Poet, Editor, Musician, Car Mechanic.


A quality in Vaughan Rapatahana’s poems in his new collection, ternion, makes geographical landscapes a felt presence without becoming the central focus of the poem. Rapatahana is a perennial world traveler, “speaking in whatever tongues /necessary /to best facilitate our feast.” Our bounty is a sumptuous helping of aural and visual language on the page, a glorious banquet of words. Rapatahana navigates his poems with a steady eye and an ear for language, using Māori, Filipino, and English, as he explores his varied and occasionally conflicted identities. ternion is a wonderful celebration of a world without borders.

- Eugene Gloria, Poet, Winner of Anisfield-Wolf Book Award for My Favorite Warlord.