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Thatcher Tributes

Brian Carlin

Dig for Victory



were queuing up

to dig the dirt today

for old time’s sake

in lines as long as a

“Labour isn’t Working” poster.


All to share a shovel

and get the beloved earth

as far away from you as possible.


You stole our land

and it won’t be coming with you


So, bored, down you go

as far as the molten cored

furnaces of forgotten steelmen;

past the whited heat of technology

where still, you do not melt;

past the heavy industries of Hell

to the solipsistic, empty heart of you.


And at the graveside

when the chill wind blows

in Society’s eyes,

it promises not to cry.





Alice Collier

Bog Humour


Thatcher came, and Thatcher went;

I wish they’d got her at Brighton,

But now she’s dead and in her grave

At last we have a place to shite on




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