Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


Three chap-book gems from Sam Smith

Canoe,  An Atheist’s Alphabetical Approach to Death 

and his latest: A New Acmeism





Sam was a runner-up in the 2009 erbacce-prize for poetry; there were over twelve hundred entries...


Sam Smith, at age 60, with his new bus pass in hand, still knocks out written works including novels, nonfiction, poetry. A man of almost all genres, he helps define and then re-define his own areas of expertise, continuing to excel at his craft.


His usual authors' blurb includes Editor of The Journal (once of Contemporary Anglo-Scandinavian Poetry), publisher of Original Plus books, and Poetry Editor of The Select Six (BeWrite Books). But there is much more to this man and his writing than first seen at a glance.


Born in Blackpool, UK in 1946, he now lives in Maryport, Cumbria, "Near the Lakes, by the Sea," UK as a freelance writer, author, editor, and publisher. He has been a psychiatric nurse, residential social worker, milkman, plumber, laboratory analyst, groundsman, sailor, computer operator, scaffolder, gardener, painter and decorator, working at anything to pay the rent.










Sample from A New Acmeism:


Not that far away


The large dressed stones of the landing wharf and the

curving away ditch of the never completed canal

are what remains. Ash saplings grow along

the uneven embankment and what might have been

intended as a bridge now has a blue

tarpaulin draped across.

Darkening trees have grown all around,

serpentine roots seeking down the joints between

the stone blocks. A van, tyres sunk among old leaves,

has its thin bonnet raised and one back door open.

Deep tractor tracks lead away from two oil drums.

Bottom of the tarpaulin is mud-splashed, its folds

green with algae. A cock pheasant flaps and croaks

not that far away.









                                         path through cherry wood:

                                         chunks of nougat quartz

                                         laid as hardcore








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