Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


Robert Verdon

Robert Verdon (also known as Auntie Rhoberta) pens poetry and prose and pushes 56 in Canberra. He is hoping for a Nobel Peace Prize.


Robert is author of The Well-Scrubbed Desert (Canberra: Polonius Press, 1994), Her Brilliant Career (Canberra: Aberrant Genotype Press, 1998), My Cat Eats Spaghetti (Canberra: Ginninderra Press, 2000), and [with Caroline Ambrus] The Artful Dole Bludger (Queanbeyan: IrrePRESSible Press, 2000).


He has been writing and publishing in magazines since the 1970s, but is yet to bag that elusive Nobel.






   the sun rises,

   round rice-cracker over my broad beans

   which rarely flower

   I am a flathead on a sandbar

   caught between the ends and means


   pale sun, pale sun

   you and I have no place here

   we do not belong to the harvest

   even Hamaguchi’s

   we may as well be lost

   in a post office-box, unpaid for,

   speeding to the dead-letter office





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