Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


Richard Mason

Mason tells us little about himself except that he wants to be a lighthouse keeper when he grows up and that his favourite poets include d.a. levy, urmuz & spike hawkins... his poetry however zings

with life and believe usl it's DIFFERENT!






I don’t know what I’m doing


balsa woodword at mercy of stanley

property of poetic semantics are the

new pancakes indisciplinary cost me

dear me dear  shots raining in on me



sweet  shops nothing has stood  up to

analysis words make work/war for all

 joined up creativity eroticas for lunch

 pity ‘bout the poetry being in the pity



expect the expected after all [if at all]

write in green don’t give up th’dayglo

bananas  are bad  especially  if you’re

allergic  universe closed use  rainbow







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