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Recent Work published by erbacce-press

To date erbacce-press books are published worldwide in: USA (Arizona, Brooklyn, California, Chicago, Elizabeth City, Florida, Highland Park, Lafayette, Lakeland, Lincolnwood, Louisville, Middletown, Minneola, Moreno Valley, New Jersey, NY, Ohio, Philadelphia, Saint Cloud, San Francisco, Santa Maria, Senoi, Sodus, Tampa, Texas and Youngstown), UK (Barnsley, Bedfordshire, Bristol, Derbyshire, Devon, Dorset, Edale, Essex, Huyton, Kent, Kidderminster, Lancs, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Norwich, Ormskirk, Oxford, Sheffield, Shropshire, Suffolk, Sussex, Warrington, Wigan, Wirral, Wolverhampton and Yorks), Canada (Charlottetown, Saanichton, Elliot Lake, Toronto and British Columbia), Scotland (Dunoon, Dumfriesshire, Angus, Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Scone), Australia: (Canberra, Castlecrag and Thirroul), Germany (Berlin, Darmstadt and Neu-Eichenberg), Hong-Cong, Hungary, Peoples’ Republic of China (Guangdong), Switzerland (Basel and Geneva), Italy (Verona and Modena), Japan, Eire (Galway and Clare), Ireland (Belfast and Derry), Nigeria,  France, Spain (Coruña, Zaragoza and Gran Canaria), Belgium, Botswana, India (Kerala State, New Delhi and Bengaluru), Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Nepal, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Uganda, Wales (Cardiff and Wrexham), New Zealand and Sweden (Sollentuna and Järfälla)



Perfect Bound Books: (All A5 unless otherwise indicated)


Candi V. Auchterlonie - Eternal Autumn Within Saanichton; Canada

Maroula Blades - Blood Orange Berlin; Germany

Andrew Button - Melted Cheese on the Cosmic Pizza Leicestershire; UK

Brian Carlin - Skinful of Dust Glasgow; Scotland

Kevin Conder - Beautiful Enough to Burn Sollentuna; Sweden

Alan Corkish (Ed) - Liverpool Poets 08 Liverpool; UK

Alan Corkish (Ed) - In the Company of Ghosts London; UK

Alan Corkish (Ed) - Write North West Manchester; UK

Alan Corkish - Glimpses of Notes (A4 hb) Liverpool; UK

John Cornelius - LIVING IN THE MYSTERY Poems and Lyrics Sussex; UK

Mudnakudu Chinnaswamy - B E F O R E   I T   R A I N S   A G A I N Bengaluru; S. India

María Castro Domínguez - A face in the crowd  Gran Canaria; Spain

Matt Duggan - Dystopia 38.10 Bristol; UK

Pascale Gouverneur - What sort of scream? Brussels; Belgium

Paul Hawkins - Contumacy Dorset; UK

Monika Kostera - Oneiropeia Krakow; Poland  

Monika Kostera - GOING TO DELOS Krakow; Poland


David McLean - Pushing Lemmings Järfälla; Sweden

Stephen Nelson - Thorn Corners Lanarkshire; Scotland

Dele Oladeji - The Satirical Notes London; UK

David Oprava - VS Cardif; Wales

Puma Perl - knuckle tattoos NY; USA

Nick Power - Small Town Chase Wirral; UK

Nick Power - Holy Nowhere Wirral; UK

Nick Power - CARAVAN Wirral; UK

Nick Power - INTO THE VOID Wirral; UK

Vaughan Rapatahana - ternion Morrinsville; New Zealand

Steve Rushton - towards a new art London; UK  

Felino A. Soriano - A Searching for Full Body Syllables: fragmented olio Santa Maria, CA; USA

Bertie Suesat-Williams - Unexpected Poem in Bagging Area (A6 pb) Birchington; UK

Mario Susko - EPI/LOGOS Mineola, NY; USA

Connor Stratman - An Early Scratch Chicago; USA

Knotbrook Taylor - Ping-Pong In The Rain Angus; Scotland

Nazneen Zafar - Reading Together and other poems Kathmandu; Nepal




Chap-books: NB; ‘chap-books’ are often described as ‘cheap-books’ but all erbacce ‘chaps’ are full colour covers on quality paper and registered with an ISBN number. They are professionally type-set and printed; most are 36 pages with some at 40 and a few at 32.


George Anderson - Dancing on Thin Ice Thirroul; Australia

Sophia Argyris - Strange Longing For A Monday London; UK  

Anthony Arnott - Behind Barcodes Lancs; UK    

Anthony Arnott - The Genius who drank all the milk Ormskirk; UK    

Aaron Asphar - closing invectives Sussex; UK    

Ben Barton - drop, anchor Kent; UK  

Richard Barrett - The Shangri Las Manchester; UK  

Charlie Bayliss  - hilda doolittle’s carl jung t-shirt Nottingham; UK

Linda Benninghoff - The Spaces Between Things NY; USA  

Claudia Bierschenk - Perestroika Silence Berlin; Germany    

anne blonstein - 8 OF STONES  Basel; Switzerland    

betsy content bogert - welcome to Earth Neu-Eichenberg; Germany

Natasha Borton - Signed Asbestos Wrexham; Wales

Iakovus Brown - PYROTAXIS Wolverhampton; UK  

Melanie Browne - Heaven is a Giant Pawn Shop Texas; USA  

Greg Buddery - Scavenging Bristol; UK  

Graham Burchell - Ladies of Divided Twins Devon; UK  

Martin Burke - City Wetteren; Belgium  

Andrew Button - Dry Days in Wet Towns Leicestershire; UK

Brian Carlin - A Crateful of Empties Glasgow; Scotland    

Moxy Casimir - SPILLAGES & SPURTS Wirral; UK    

Alan Corkish - Bum Rap Liverpool; UK

Alan Corkish - Island Poems Liverpool; UK

Alan Corkish - 42 Liverpool Poems Liverpool; UK

Alan Corkish (Ed) Thatcher Tributes Liverpool; UK  

Giuseppe Cornacchia - OTTONALE (bi-lingual collection) Manchester; UK  

John Cornelius - Combing my Hair for the Hangman Sussex; UK    

Sarah Crewe - Aqua Rosa Liverpool; UK    

Tony Cullen - Songs of Anlaf Chorley; UK  

Tracy Currall - This Panoptican Life Merseyside; UK  

Terry Dammery - Love in the Vernacular Edale; UK    

Kate Davy - Drifting Home Essex; UK  

Charlotte De’Ath - Kicks To Hypnotise Suburban Daughters Suffolk; UK  

Keith Alan Deutsch - After the Age of Animals Philadelphia; USA  

David Duncombe - Borders, Baggage Derbyshire; UK    

Jacqui Dunne - Butterfly in a Snowstorm Liverpool; UK  

Michael Egan - I went to the ship Liverpool; UK    

Amy Ekins - Nonplaced Tyne and Wear; UK  

Neil Ellman -The Great Metaphysician and Other Ekphrastic Inventions New Jersey; USA  

Stephen Emmerson - Chimera Leeds; UK      

Peter Eustace - Brink Verona; Italy  

M V Fabiyas - Eternal Fragments Kerala State; India  

Matt Fallaize - L39 Ormskirk; UK      

Penny Fearn - after the fire Dorset; UK    

Samuel Fisher - Rippling Reflections Manchester; UK  

Ryan Quinn Flanagan - The Trees Are Getting Naked Elliot Lake; Canada    

Gloria Ester Fontanez - Unspoken Canto New York; USA    

Lawrence Gladeview - Lowlifes, Fast Times & Occasionally Love Longmont; USA

Maria Gornell - In the Absence of Wing Huyton; UK    

R G Gregory - Christmas Delinquent and other poems Shropshire; UK  

Ananya S. Guha - Dusk Descends New Delhi; India  

Christine Hamm - My Western Brooklyn; USA    

Jan Oskar Hansen - Marilyn Monroe Remembered Stavanger, Norway  

Steve Harrison - Flag Over the Cracks Barnsley; UK    

Julia Hastain - how nerve-yen became the new yew tree Lafayette; USA  

Catherine Hawcroft - The Hour of Doubt Belfast; Ireland    

Paul Hawkins - Claremont Road Dorset; UK  

jack henry - the downtown café California; USA    

Andy Hickmott - A Limited Season Neston; UK    

Ursula Hurley - Tree Liverpool; UK    

Ariel Jastromb - ATYPICAL LOVE LETTERS Highland Park; USA  

Ariel Jastromb - Emergent Urgency Highland Park; USA  

Vivien Jones - Hare Dumfriesshire; Scotland    

Pat Jourdan - The Cast-Iron Shore Galway; Eire    

A.J. Kaufmann - Insane in Rome Selected song lyrics Poznan; Poland    

A.J. Kaufmann - Saint of Kreuzberg Poznan; Poland    

Angela Keaton - Alphabet Wirral; UK    

Angela Keaton - Revolution of the world as yet incomplete (A4) Wirral; UK    

Angela Keaton - see he(a)r(e)  Wirral; UK    

Khalid Khan - Round the bend Karachi; Pakistan    

Steve Klepetar - thirty-Six Crows Saint Cloud; USA    

Lara Konesky and Andrew Taylor - Blood at the Chelsea Ohio; USA

Benjamin C. Krause - Classifieds Youngstown; USA    

Andrew Lander - Trout Pout & Other Stories Bristol; UK    

Jo Langton - [fill the silence] Manchester; UK    

Rick Lee - LOSGAINTIR les billanges; France    

Rick Lee - Out at Elbow les billanges; France  

Mark Leech - Saint and City Oxford; UK  

Aurora M. Lewis - Forget-Me-Knots Moreno Valley; USA    

Simon Leyland - The Language of Exile Galway; Eire    

Simon Leyland - Ramblings of an unkempt man Galway; Eire    

Simon Leland - Codes for living quietly Galway; Eire    

Joseph Lisowski - STASHU KAPINSKI LOOKS FOR LOVE Elizabeth City; USA  

Duane Locke - VOICES FROM A GRAVE Tampa, Florida; USA    

P D Lyons - Myths  Of  Multiplicity Castlepollard; Ireland

David Mac - Room is Brutal Beds; UK    

David Mac - These Dirty Nothings Beds; UK    

David Mac - We should all die in cornfields Beds; UK  

Richard Mason - “I don’t know what I’m doing.” Oxford; UK    

Wayne Mason - Poet Laureate of a Dirty Garage Lakeland, Florida; USA  

Michael McAloran - Unto Naught Co. Clare; Eire    

Michael McAloran - Debris Co. Clare; Eire    

Patrick Romero McCafferty - Mestizaje Edinburgh; UK

Kevin McCann - Some of Us Liverpool; UK    

Kevin McCann - I Killed George Formby Liverpool; UK  

Simon McCormack - A History of Scraps Dorset; UK

Jarlath McDonagh - The White Rabbit Co. Galway; Eire      

David McLean - A Hunger for Mourning Järfälla; Sweden    

Dee McMahon - No Frontiers Lancs; UK    

David Miller - Gloria London; UK    

Mark Murphy - Our Little Bit of Immortality Yorks; UK    

Wendy Muzlanova - A Comedy of Torture Scone; Scotland  

Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva - Unjumping Kampala; Uganda    

Bruno Neiva - dough  Coruña; Spain      

Oliver Nejad - COFFEE& CIGARETTES Devon; UK    

Oli Nejad - Sentiments  Devon; UK    

Cath Nichols - Distance & Tales of Boy Nancy Warrington; UK    

Oladele Oladeji - Chasing the Void London; UK  

Oladele Oladeji - Closer to Silence London; UK  

Daniele Pantano - (Translated and Edited) IN AN ABANDONED ROOM  

             SELECTED POEMS BY GEORG TRAKL Liverpool; UK

Bobby Parker - Pictures of Screaming People Kidderminster; UK    

Albert Pellicer - FENNEC London; UK  

Puma Perl - Belinda and Her Friends NY; USA    

Puma Perl - Ruby True NY; USA    

Rob Plath - Squeezing Blood From The Alphabet Brooklyn; USA  

Craig Podmore - I am a Gun Derbeyshire; UK  

Craig Podmore - The Abattoir Heavens and the Holy Ghost Derbyshire; UK  

Gillian Prew - DISCONNECTIONS Dunoon; Scotland

Gillian Prew Three Colours Grief  Argyll; Scotland  

Lesley Quayle - Songs for Lesser Gods Yorkshire; UK    

u.v. ray - Road Trip & Other Poems  Staffs; UK  

Misti Rainwater-lites - Dripping Milk Texas; USA    

Eli Regan - i scrubs Warrington; UK  

Peter G Res - Neon Soliloquies Sodus; USA  

Brian Roberts - Last Train to Where? Liverpool; UK  

Matt Routledge - Memories - Borrowed, Stolen and Remembered Cambridge; UK  

Steve Rushton - Burning a Paper Plate London; UK  

Malcolm Saunders - Malpoetry Wirral; UK

Semblance - Sarer Scotthorne  Bristol; IUK

Laura Seymour - All the metals we tried Cambridge; UK    

Stephen Shimmans - ROOTS Lancs; UK      

Gordon Shrub - In the Garden of Evolution Castlecrag; Australia    

Renée Sigel - Falling Slowly Modena; Italy  

Sam Smith - Canoe Cumbria; UK    

Sam Smith - An Atheist’s Alphabetical Approach to Death Cumbria; UK

Sam Smith - A New Acmeism Cumbria; UK      

Felino A. Soriano - Construed Implications Santa Maria; USA    

Constance Stadler - Sublunary Curse Middletown; USA  

J. J. Steinfeld - A FANCIFUL GEOGRAPHY Charlottetown; Canada  

Dave Stannage - Gimme a Break!  Essex; UK    

Connor Stratman - Invisible Entrances Chicago; USA  

Lynn Strongin - AMANDA FLAMER British Columbia; Canada  

Lynn Strongin - Lace-Circled-Darkness British Columbia; Canada  

Mario Susko - RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Minneola, NY; USA  

John Swain - Handing the Cask Louisville; USA    

David Tait - Suitcase/Earthquake Lancs; UK    

Andrew Taylor - Temporary Residence Melling; UK

Andrew Taylor - Poetry and Skin Cream Melling; UK

Angela Topping - The Lightfoot Letters Cheshire; UK    

Angela Topping - Kids’ Stuff Cheshire; UK      

Teodora Totorean - Sidesteps off Reality Devon; UK      

Vincent Turner - Envying Harry Essex; UK    

Sara-Mae Tuson - the funeral of my first love London; UK

Robert Verdon - Before we knew this Century Canberra; Australia  

Michael Vowles - Verse of a Lotus-Eater Bristol; UK    

Christian Ward - Slippage London; UK    

L. Ward Abel - Torn Sky Bleeding Blue Senoia; USA

L. Ward Abel - A Jerusalem of Ponds Senoia; USA    


Petra Whiteley - Liquid Metropolis Dorset; UK  

Harry R. Wilkens - PISS TALKS Geneva; Switzerland    

Lori A. Williams - Woman on the Brink Brooklyn; USA    

Sarah Williams - Map Maker Kent; UK  

Jenifer Wills - Skidding Through the Mud Incognito Portland; USA  

Zack Wilson - The Mirror   Sheffield; UK    


A D Winans - MARKING TIME San Francisco; USA  

Richard Wink - The Magnificant Guffaw Norwich; UK  

Reuben Woolley - dying notes Zaragoza; Spain

Grzegorz Wróblewski -THESE EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE Copenhagen; Denmark  

Bill Yarrow - Wrench Lincolnwood; USA  



We publish also a quarterly erbacce poetry-journal to subscribers with a featured poet in every edition:



1:  Featuring: Dee Rimbaud - Edinburgh; Scotland

2:  Featuring: Poems by anonymous subscribers

3:  Featuring: Sam Smith - Cumberland; UK

4:  Featuring: Helen Kitson - Worcester; UK

5:  Featuring: Dmytro Drozdovsky - Ukraine; Russia

6:  Featuring: A D Winans - San Fransisco; USA

7:  Featuring: Editors’ Choice

8:  Featuring: L. Ward Abel - Georgia; USA

9:  Featuring: Mario Susko - Long Island; USA

10: Featuring: Ursula Hurley - Ormskirk; UK

11: Featuring: Ashley Welch - Salford; UK

12: Featuring: William Taylor Jnr. - San Fransisco; USA

13: Featuring: Misti Rainwater-Lites - Texas; USA

14: Featuring: Alessio Zanelli - Lombardy; Italy

15: Featuring: Judy Kendall - Manchester; UK

16: Featuring: Maroula Blades - Berlin; Germany

17: Featuring: Lesley Quayle - Leeds; UK

18: Featuring: Robert Sheppard - Liverpool; UK

18: Featuring: Lara Konesky - Ohio; USA

20: Featuring: April Bratten - Dakota; USA

21: Featuring: Farida Samerkhanova - Toronto; Canada

22: Featuring: Jack Henry - California; USA

23: Featuring: Chris McCabe - Liverpool; UK

24: Featuring: Royal Wedding Special

25: Featuring: Eleanor Rees - Liverpool; UK

26: Featuring: Tamara Fulcher - Edinburgh; Scotland

27: Featuring: Roelof Broekman - Amsterdam; Holland

28: Featuring: Scott Thurston - Liverpool; UK

29: Featuring: Aleathia Drehmer - NY; USA

30: Featuring: Editors’ Choice - Melling; UK

31: Featuring: Jo Langton - Manchester; UK

32: Featuring: Claudine Toutoungi - Cambridge; UK

33: Featuring: Clara Hsu - San Fransisco; USA

34: Featuring: Vaughan Rapatahana - Tin Shui Wai; Hong Kong

35: Featuring: Fokkina McDonnell - Manchester; UK

36: Featuring: Craig Guthrie - Heswell; UK

37: Special Tenth Birthday Edition (40pages)

38: Featuring: Mike Brennan - California; USA

39: Featuring: Elio Lomas - Preston; UK

40: Featuring: Richard Hughes - Hale; UK

41: Featuring: Fiona Farrelly - Co. Meath; Ireland

42: Featuring: Catherine Edmunds - Co. Durham; UK

43: Featuring: Lori Anne DeSanti - Connecticut; USA

44: Featuring: Pascale Gouverneur - Brussels; Belgium

45: Featuring: Peter Eustace - Verona; Italy

46: Featuring: Lydia Unsworth - Manchester; UK

47: Featuring: Judith Wilkinson translates Hagar Peeters - Groningen; The Netherlands

48: Featuring: K.V. Skene - Toronto; Canada

49: Featuring: Yvette Schnoeker-Shorb - Arizona; USA

50: Special 50th Anniversary Edition: invited poets only (40 pages)

51: Featuring: Okwudili Nebeolisa - Kaduna state; Nigeria

52: Featuring: Karen Dennison - Essex; UK

53: Featuring: Kevin Conder - Sollentuna; Sweden