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Pat Jourdan

Once upon a time Pat Jourdan was a painting student walking to Liverpool School of Art, just up the road from home in South Hunter Street. Her paintings are often used for covers of books - this example, on the Cast-Iron Shore, is from a painting of Galway Docks one summer.


The Bank Holiday walk along the Cast-Iron Shore is a metaphor for poetry - all that rubbish transformed into a promenade.


Moving between the two countries, a mixture of Irish and English influences gives spice to her writing and she has had exhibitions in London, Norwich, Dublin and Galway. A long-time, accomplished performer of her work (since early Lamb and Flag days in Soho), she has read in Poetry Introductions Ireland, Dublin and has broadcast on RTE and at local arts festivals.


Her poetry is published worldwide in magazines and anthologies and has won awards. Pat Jourdan was also a reviewer for the NHI website. Her poems are crisp notes which are also images; compressed pictures.


The Cast-iron Shore is her fourth collection of poetry and she has also published two books of short stories - Average Sunday Afternoon and Rainy Pavements.


Thanks ought to go here to Mrs Gregson, English teacher in those long ago afternoons of Notre Dame High School, Mount Pleasant. It all led to this.


  Bank Holiday Saturday


Shop lights gradually go out, all over town

and this street closes down.

One Hopper-like image remains –

the hairdresser’s window, blinds half-drawn,

shop shut, with lines of light around.

Now the assistants fuss with each other’s hair

as the holiday rain teems down.

(The sun can affect timing and results,

from New Ultra Light Natural Blonde

to Natural Black for Resistant Grey.)

Rinsed, dyed, emblazoned,

the girls will scatter out –

copper, tawny, russet,

ash blonde and auburn, burgundy and black

with all their holiday hopes

bright as the dotted chewing-gum stars on the pavement.


A prancing motorbike judders past,

its cyclist unaware outside the glass.


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