Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


Pascale Gouverneur

A perfect-bound gem of a first collection from the Brussels based artist and poet Pascale Gouverneur; the sheer diversity of her perception, styles and creativity makes it impossible to select a poem to display here which reveals the totality of her work which ranges through the intensely personal to the universal spirituality which binds us all; at times witty, at times poignant, at times provocative... we urge you to buy it and try to figure out just what sort of scream penetrates... or to simply enjoy, repeatedly, the breadth of the poetic and intellectual content.


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We cannot add to Sam Smith's glowing commentary on this exceptional and

unique book from Pascale Gouverneur. It is a TOTAL delight; part novel, part

play, ALL superb poetry. Simply nothing like this has ever been written before.


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