Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


Oladele Oladeji



You came on a dark

Night, then took me on a journey

to melancholy.


You spoke, and travelled with me

Deeper to discover me ___ your melancholy.


At your height, you sang angelic songs,

You spoke the words of love.

Your dirge songs, you painted, not as

A dark sea, but as thousands of daffodils,

And millions of red roses.


Like the red, black dotted ladybird you

Made me fly, you washed my vision, you

Healed my pain and heartache.


As a beautiful tropical butterfly by the flowing

Stream, you made me see the colours

Of the world in my cerebral cage __ Your voice.


Nay, at the furthermost end of my lifeline

You sang an awakening lullaby for me to return.

But you, you ___ the voice, and your voices,

Saved my life for not singing

The songs of Passover.





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....and we liked him so much first time round;

    here he is again:




Talking Trash-es


Teary blue, saying why-

Why. Why... Someone talks,

One listens, one sees, another

Talks- so others talk, more

Spoke, more people spoke, many

Spoke and, others listen.

Others- Other spoke and listened.

Why, why listen, because

Some spoke, because most spoke

But some never listen...listen?

Listened, I don’t know why they

Listened- But they listened.

So, let’s call it what

A day- A day you say?  Let’s

Call it a day. What sort of day then-

A day, why a day? Why, why? Why-

A day, why call it a day- because it’s an ordinary


An ordinary day YOU say?

Ordinary day, an ordinary


It all amounts to an ordinary day.

It’s an ordinary day-

















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Above is the cover of Oladele's first ever collected poems; (He's adopted a pen-name for this one but it's him all right :-) ) it's a beautifully perfect-bound collection with 160 pages of the poets finest works. It really is breathtakingly intricate; brimming with the poet's humanity and a perceptive insight that stems from simply having lived.


In order to facilitate fans who want perhaps to have a signed copy we've established an email link direct to the poet; all you need to do is click HERE and an email form will open; be sure to mention it if you want your copy signed and do supply a full snail-mail address...


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Yet another offering but this time using the name Dele Oladeji; a chapbook, with a difference... priced at just £5.00


The Calibre Of My Mind


You want to know the

Calibre of my mind? I’ll tell you now.

“You’re a joker.” A joker? He asked.

A complete joker, I replied. See, I’ve

Moved on in life not to be bothered

By people like you bringing me down

From my clear thoughts and existence.

I had a good head, you brought

Me down, I rose, not falling apart anymore.

Then you gave me a good head, a bad head,

A mad head, and a crazy head. Still,

I rose above all, you, dream destroyer.

You wanted to know the calibre of my mind?

I’ll tell you now. “You are a big joker,

I’ve worked it out, I’ve found my voice. You’ll

Never bring me down again.” Never!

That’s the calibre of my mind, you big joker.