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Misti Rainwater-Lites

Misti Rainwater-Lites writes like her ass is on fire.


She has several books for sale (poetry collections, mostly) at Additionally, Misti has chapbooks available through Scintillating Publications and Kendra Steiner Editions with a forthcoming chapbook from Tainted Coffee Press. Misti's poems and collages will be featured in a forthcoming anthology of women poets on Sisyphus Press entitled Sirens. 


Three of Misti's poems will appear in a forthcoming crime anthology entitled The Lineup. Misti is currently working on a full-length poetry collection, her first since 2006. You will find most of Misti's publication credits, links to her books and her crazed collages at her blog. If you are interested in publishing a chapbook or full-length collection of poetry for Misti, contact her HERE...


     seventy years scorpio style

     (for todd moore on his 70th birthday)


     seventy years of life


     stripped to the bone

     stabbed to the spleen

     thrashed into shape




     using it all

     even the gristle

     no apologies

     no whining

     no half ass bargaining

     with the devil

     seventy years of life

     lived in fire walking style

     pen as machine gun

     peppering blank walls


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