Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


Melanie Browne


In Praise of Melanie Browne's poems:


She puts the humor back into poetry. These poems are more fun than eating giant spoonfuls of Peter Pan peanut butter while pedaling a Big Wheel through cool thrift store aisles, accessibly at yr fingertips like Netflix, making you giddy as a green Nyquil mimosa. You will leave this witty collection with a big smile & a bright green tongue. Highly recommended!


--Rob Plath




Heaven is a giant pawn shop


Heaven is

a giant pawn shop

with no 90 day interest

pawn tickets


You can trade

a bladder


For a

Lord of the

Flies Ballet!


I think about this

As I’m listening to


In the car


Trying to calm myself

down having a

panic attack

in the parking lot


outside of Starbucks

worrying about

whether I would be

cool or cast out


and I’m still thinking

about heaven

and that pawn shop

built of gold

in a rainbow filled sky




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