Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


Martin Burke

'Burke uses all the poetic tools at his disposal to create poems that rejoice in being poems & rejoice in the world about the poem.'

- James Cummins






The responsive modulations of the heart


Yes, this is the world as it is


Is and will be in all its many selves


Self of water, self of air – self in its singing song


Song of tower, song of water, song of three swans

upon the lake and the song of three children calling


The water flowing, flowing, flowing


All things flowing into verse


Word and world and the responsive heart


Three towers - three swans – the heart responding –

the mouth replying with a lyric


Lyric of delight, of Brugge in its beauty, of the

fashioning word upon the waters of the world


Spoken, written, sung, and loved by

the one who is your lover




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