Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


Mark Murphy

Le Plongeur


Take the plunge. Don’t be shy. Dive in.

This is the first step to self-knowledge:

           to throw oneself in with gay abandon,

           to throw all caution to the wind.


Forget self-preservation. Think. Get in

before it’s too late. Get in before your gods:

            to break the still of the surface,

        to be the first into the pool.


Push yourself to the limit. Live life on the edge.

Cast out, cast off, self-realisation is what’s at stake:

           to dive below the sun refracted surface,

           to see below the sun refracted surface.


Thrust yourself forwards. Take a wild guess.

Strike out before you’re lost. Expel your doubts:

           to step into the deep end,

           to step into the void.


Immersed, submerged. The best advice,

drink only when necessary, turn left, turn right:

           O plunge your body into the water!

           O plunge yourself in up to your head!





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