Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


Malcolm Saunders

Malcolm Saunders is married with grown up children. He was born in Oxfordshire and lived in same area until his thirties when he moved about with work before coming to live in Wirral. Now retired he has more time to write, and he  performs his poetry regularly at events around the north west.


Malcolm has been writing poetry for most of his life. When he had a conventional job his poetry often got him into trouble, but he is now free from the constraints of employment and can be as rude, iconoclastic, offensive, weird or whatever else might be thought to be in his poetry.


He likes humour in verse and is also interested in exploring language for fun or to get a different angle on a subject that might not always be accessible in straight prose. Having said that, the poems contain plenty of reflection on life, its meaning, religion and science which is explored seriously although sometimes with a touch of irony.


Some of the most poignant work is when it is about personal matters of family and self.


Why Malpoetry? Well, apart from being Mal and being a poet, 'mal' is bad or sick and on the street you can't get better than that.


A Good Age


The birth was unexceptional

although exotic.

Happening, as it did,

in the Far East.


An exuberant early life

attracted many glances

and some comments.

Stripped off

in a few interesting places.


But then, greying,

wrinkles, sagging.

Nothing more now than

a bit of gardening

and the odd short walk

to the local shops.



blotched and fading,

it is the end.

Twenty one.

Good age for a tee shirt.




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