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Two chap-books from Lynn Strongin

We say: Two chap books of immense power from a renowned American/Canadian poet.


Suchoon Mo says of Lace-Circled Darkness: Her poetry is 'the world of motion, movement and shifting of time tense. She is unique in that aspect... This esimable collection is a fascnating glimpse into her unique art.'


Jonathan Minton says of Amanda Flamer: Strongin 'explores how to live after the blade, to live as either wounded, or as a ghost, or with a keener sense of self and history. I love the notion of secret history: the beatitudes and brutalism behind all our grander aspirations and fictions.'


Glenna Luschei says of Amanda Flamer: 'This is an offering of rich fabric, rich language.'


Lynn says: I am delighted with both my books published by erbace-press. Lace-Circled Darkness and Amanda Flamer are books I could see in their virgin publication no where else. This small poetry press pushes the envelope, the language they allow me to use is cutting edge and this proves that if your'e not standing at the rim, you're taking up too much room. Bravo my English brothers, Andrew and Alan, they keep the blood of language red and flowing.


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