Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


Lori A. Williams


Crazy Beautiful


You remind me of an old time carnival --

with freak shows and elephants

wearing pink tiaras. The townsfolk waited all year

to laugh and take photos of things

they knew nothing about, things

that got them out of their life for a day or so.

They could forget their sadness for one evening;

get cotton candy, ride the Ferris wheel, pet

a pig in a funny costume. It was all crazy and

beautiful for them. But Monday’s happen

and carnivals are packed up like those

whose lives change,  yet become more

than they were before. You remind me of this

because you make me crazy beautiful.  You have things

packed up, after your sunshine show,

after everyone goes home and you are alone,

there. We can make our own carnival, you know.

We can be crazy beautiful.




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