Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


Khalid Khan

DON’T      GO     FATHER


Don’t   die   father   time   not   ripe

for   mangoes   to   fall   in   my   lap,

crops   won’t   grow   without   water.


Who   will   pray   for   rain?

Who   will   tame   man   and   horse,

milk   the   cow,  guard   the   house?


I   have   work   to   do   in   the   field,

you   wanted   many   sons   but   got   one,

I   have   many   lovers   but   one   spouse.


Like   you   I   can’t   resist   pretty   women,

I   love   them   even   if   I   don’t   get   them,

we   both   might   still   go   to   Heaven.


Don’t   go   father,  wait   till   spring,

we   shall   trim   the   lawn   together

and   grow   multi-colored   flowers.


You   can   pluck   as   many   as   you   want

and   pass   them   on   to   kith   and   kin,

I   want   to   tell   you   many   things.


By   day   you   slog   in   fields,

sing   and   dance   in   moonlit   nights,  

folks   want   to   hear   your   tales.


What   will   they   do   without   them?

How   shall   I   achieve   my   aims?

I   might   get   lost   in   winding   lanes.




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