Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


Kevin Conder



erbacce-press have long been a fan of Kevin Conder; we have used his poems previously and he will be our featured poet in the erbacce-journal 53... a truly innovative and talented poet hailing from the US of A but currently in exile in Sweden. His perfect-bound book is on sale in our 'Shop' (top-right) and you can also order by clicking on the cover below... however you can purchase a signed copy direct from the poet by clicking HERE


Richard Shelton who is Regents Professor of English at University of Arizona and a Pulitzer Prize nominee says this: 'Kevin Conder has one of the strongest voices I have heard in recent years. His control of deep and often painful images is magical. He writes of the 'terrible aloneness in the world of light', His landscape is as 'enormous as insomnia'. He is a master of the revealing image that defines what it means to be human, to be fallible.'


More about Kevin on this web-site HERE