Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


Keith Alan Deutsch

Keith Alan Deutsch was a four year University Fellow in Literature at the University of Pennsylvania. He has been a founding editor of many outlaw American magazines, including High Times, Dealer and Leg Show. Since 1973 he has been the proprietor of Black Mask Magazine, the publication that introduced the hard boiled detective, and a new style of narration, to American Literature.


Yuri Rasovsky: 'After the Age of Animals reads as if it were the lullaby Dostoevsky sang to himself the night of his mock execution! An ecstatic song, exactly! What music you make with words.'


Jeff Scher: 'It's a neat piece of work, I read it twice on the subway, somehow an appropriate place to read it. Thanks for the engrossing read.'




       “Damned from here to Eternity”

       Rudyard Kipling misses the key.

       Give me Yeats or Blake or Emily,

       Songs of life and sympathy,

       Or Tennyson’s music, the best that can be.

       Poetry that rings with Holy Paternity

       Words from God even through a Soul like me.

       Language alive and beyond all history

       In endless creation and symmetry.

       Plain for anyone to hear or to see,

       Sacred as breath is the mystery.

       Sacred from here to Eternity.




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