Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


Julia Hastain aka j/j hastain

“shifting between the sharply cut phrase and the open field of the page, between quotation and the more physical registers of language, between desire and the turns of a mind thinking, j/j’s how nerve-yen became the new yew tree creates a musical, mystical space where all these things become extensions of one another”


-Joel Bettridge




“call me what I call myself and you will have made a non-debatable home for yourself in me”—This singular line from j/j’s new book could usher in an entirely new type of calendar. j/j’s presentation in this book is an affirmation of the possibilities for shattering barriers that have been deeply set, century upon century. This book allows us to see that by allowing our senses to be so fully present in what j/j refers to as the “touching” we are shown not only what is existential, but how to immerse in and experience the textual multi-facets of j/j’s highly specified spaces”


-Sandra Harmon




“you will find yourself and then lose yourself in j/j’s how nerve-yen became the new yew tree. Its spiritual nomadism will unwind then rebuild your definitions of home, of body, of love. Let your own desires deepen within this lyrical work. Swallow. Salivate. Take communion. One thing is certain, once consumed, this work will leave you covered in erogenous ash”


-Lark Fox





"A document that draws groaning from the underbelly, pulling bow across internal organs in tonal quality known only to native heartlands and aortic throbs."


-Julie Combest




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