Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


John Cornelius



He was lonely as death in the grey of his bedsit

Confused and depressed

Consumed by lethargy, hunger and fear

His only friends a married couple two miles away

Even they were fed up with him

He had no conversation, no news to impart

He’d knock on the door

Come in, sit down, in silence

A cup of tea, then before they started glancing at the clock

He’d get up to leave, so as not to outstay his welcome

The clock! Of course!

Today, the clocks go back: a conversation piece at last

Something to talk about


They let him in

He slumped into an armchair

Tea? Or coffee? (grudgingly)

Whichever is easier

Not wanting to be a nuisance

After 15 minutes:

(Brightly:) Did you remember to put your

                                          clocks back?

(Bemused looks)


Long, long pause

Do you think, one day, we could put them

                                    back a few years?




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