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Jenifer Wills

In the Summer of 2008 Richard Wink, the inspirational editor of Gloom Cupboard held a poetry competition, it was free to enter and the submissions flooded in. After months of wading through entries from all over the world the judges voted this poet as the one most worthy of winning first prize; and that first prize was the publication of this startling collection of highly original poems. You owe it to yourself to see why we unanimously chose this poet and you can find out more about Jenifer by clicking here...




Skidding Through the Mud Incognito


The blood came when I was still young;

about the same time our neighbor

mentioned how well I

was filling out my bathing suit.

My father didn’t notice the blood

or the neighbor’s comments.

My mother talked with me about men-

struation and taught me how to insert

a tampon so I could still climb

the apple tree in the backyard

with my brothers to watch drive-in

movies from the top and ride bikes

with the neighborhood boys,

skidding through the mud incognito.






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