Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


Jacqui Dunne

Jacqui has been writing poetry since the last century and began performing it in this one.  Tackling most venues from theatres to pubs, her poetry covers a wide range of subjects and issues, although she usually takes any decent opportunity to politicize, lampoon or praise.


Born in Liverpool to Welsh/German parents she is a mongrel poet and enjoys language, both foreign and domestic.  In performance she occasionally uses accents to get the point across, rolling a Scottish ‘r’ or dragging a vowel, Texan style.


Jacqui’s work has been published on-line, in anthologies, journals and aired on BBC Radio Merseyside. Commissions are also happily undertaken.  Her chapbook 'Butterfly in a Snow Storm' is now available from our sales-pages. Jacqui has a Master of Arts in Writing Studies and some of her dissertation pieces are included in her current chapbook.


Jacqui believes you should ‘catch them young’, and she has, as a writer in residence, taken poetry into local schools.  To quote her directly: ‘See an inter-form poetry slam in full flow and you will never forget it!’


To Jacqui poetry is life and life is poetry. She sees something to write about everywhere.  On a mountain walk, a cliff path, a cobbled city alley.  Nothing is mundane, grey is colourful, silence is deafening, she picks up her pen...


     Steamed linen

     (For my mother, who, unlike me,

      is tidy and organised in every way)


     She pressed what I leave creased.

     I have more important things to do,

     understand the Universe and life, read Proust.

     Both rank above the perfection of an ironed pleat,

     a risen cake.


     Complacent I congratulate myself,

     while she folds away her truth

     and irons a fresh identity to wear.


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