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Harry Wilkens

‘This small collection of poems is the best work I have seen from Harry Wilkens. Read it on the subway or read it in the shit house. Then pass it on to a soldier on guard duty or a young whore selling her body for food. They’ll identify with it.’        -A. D. Winans


Harry R. Wilkens was born in 1945 in the French/American garrison town of Kaiserslautern (in the former French Occupation Zone of Germany), nicknamed “K-Town” by the American GIs. He was always hanging around with American and especially French soldiers. While many of his school-pals left for the USA, he remained in Europe, mostly in French-speaking countries. Wrote newspaper articles and poetry in German and French and published from 1977 to 1981 in Bavaria the anarchist quarterly Conflict. Background journalist in Athens from 1984 to 1987.


Harry has been living since 1991 in Geneva and continues to write his poetry directly into his familiar “GI-English” for many zines all over the world and several chapbooks, like The Hit Man (also in Arabic), Terre Promise, Zombies (bilingual), Pig’s Hell, Un autre monde, Abyss (English/Greek) and the first three versions of Piss Talks (one of them in English/Korean). In 1997, along with others, he founded the Docker Movement for free, non-adademic poetry accessible to everybody and was the editor of the Dockernet newsletter.


     Jessica Lynch *)


     After a whole-body-wash

     Of Jessica Lynch,

     and having scrutinized

     Her pussy & asshole,

     Iraqi doctors found no

     Trace of rape,

     Even if she had

     Phantasized about rape

     By moustached Arabs


     *) War Heroine