Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


Greg Buddery

           4 Shades of Light


          Sunlight gleams through trees,

          painting the white roads yellow

          the rusty rails, gold.



          Eating Sunday roast,

          brightness through the window

          warming up our skin.



          A fishing lake, black

          as an oil slick on a sea;

          light licks through the pines.



         The autumnal light

         kissed her like a kitten’s mouth

         edging through the trees.




Greg Buddery hosted Poetic Justice. This is his third book of poetry.



Scavenging is 32 pages of what it means to be poor and in love, published by Liverpool's most radical small press: erbacce. The author's best work to date. You can read more of Greg's stuff by clicking here 


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