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Graham Burchell

Graham Burchell was born in Canterbury, Kent and now resides in Dawlish, Devon (again!) just ten minutes from the beach that is latterly a prime location for inspiration. In between he has lived in nine different countries including Zambia, Mexico, Chile and most recently U.S.A where he rekindled a love of poetry, joined Poets Northwest in Houston and won or was runner up a in a number of international competitions. He was also pushcart prize nominee in 2006. He now has had poetry published in many print and online magazines. In October 2005 he began his own quarterly poetry journal, Words-Myth. This was voted the favourite internet-based magazine for 2007 by readers and visitors to Poetry Kit.  


In February 2008 two collections of thirty-five poems were published: Vermeer’s Corner by Foothills Publishing provides one poem in response to each of the known paintings by the seventeenth century Dutch Artist, Johannes Vermeer,

                                                                                                                                           Ladies of Divided Twins is a glance at the poet’s perceptions of his opposite gender. These poems are expressions of fabled or real encounters with females as family, wives, girlfriends, artistic influences, mere glancing blows or faces that stared out at him from a book about the close but distant worlds of Siberia and Alaska – divided twins. These are, according to Charles Fishman, alternately sad, brilliant, torn, and tantalizing women - presences who strike fire with every glance.  


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