Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


George Anderson

George Anderson grew up in Montreal and presently lives in North Wollongong, Australia. He has published a wide variety of poems in about 100 publications worldwide. He edits the print journal Ephemeral and you can visit him by clicking here. 




one deep-throated whiff

is sometimes sufficient

to jar you

to awaken you

from this day-glo-



it’s the unseen

that lies just below the surface

which really matters

which needs to be evoked

which stirs us from the obvious

from the deadening predictability

of existence


just one whiff can sometimes

cause a splintering of your world

of your ego-

of your iron lung of truth.




‘Anderson is amongst the best underground poets in the world today’. Ralph Michael Chiaia, Editor, Literary Chaos Magazine


This new chapbook is a cynical and funny account      of life, sexuality, love, violence, and motorbikes. It is often raw and exhilarating, the language well-tooled and crafted. David McLean (Autoerotic Elegies)


Like its poems, Thin Ice sits solid and heavy like a fat man on a sea saw. It’s grounded and sweat stained. Profound and profuse. Ben Smith 




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