Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


the erbacce-prize for poetry 2021: is  CLOSED for Submissions on go HERE to view the long list of poets under consideration

(submissions WILL close at midnight GMT on 30th April 2021)


'erbacce' it rhymes with 'apache' and is Italian for 'weed'



Entry is FREE to everyone. World-Wide.


1) Send us five pages of poetry in a single MS Word document preferably as a Rich Text Format and with type set at 12 points in TNR. Name this document with your full name please but do NOT put your name inside this document.

2) You are welcome to send previously published BUT we must also see some unpublished work.

3) In the body of the email we need your full name and snail-mail (postal) address.

4) In the 'subject' line of the email write 'erbacce-prize'.

5) PLEASE do not include poetry set in 'frames' and certainly not any images or photos.


And THAT IS IT. BUT; if you add anything else; an index, a commentary 'about you', or if you put your name and address in the MS Word document, then your submission will fail and we will not consider it. You see we judge every entry 'blind' and want nothing in the MS Word submission that can identify the author. However you MUST include a full name and address in the email itself.


Please send submissions to erbacce-press by clicking HERE to email us. You will receive a brief acknowledgement from us, if you don't, you have not followed submission guidelines.



The Prizes


The outright winner will be given a publishing contract with erbacce press who will publish a perfect-bound collection of the winner's book labelled 'Winner of the erbacce-prize for poetry 2020'. We will pay all costs including the legal registering of the book and supplying copies to the major libraries and of course to the author. The book will be sold through our sales/shop pages and the poet will be paid 20% royalties (which is twice as much as Random House or Penguin)


Two runners-up will also be considered and they will win either a perfect bound book or a high quality chap-book under similar terms as the winner.


Four other poets will be chosen to be the 'Featured Poet' in each of the quarterly copies of our in-house journal 'erbacce' which means that one half of the journal will be devoted to interviewing them and displaying/publishing their work. NOTE: all submissions may be used in future journals, previously published or not (we will of course acknowledge p/p and send poet a copy gratis).


A word to the wise


We get thousands of entries because people know we are a free and high-quality poetry publishing co-operative and if you happen to win then we'll be looking for your email address in our email-address book; we hope it will be recognisable. BUT it has happened in the past that someone has won a prize but their name is not found in our address book. Why? because while we are looking for Tom Smith the name doesn't exist because the individual has used an email address which wittily calls himself 'Pluto Seminides'... witty indeed; but if we can't find the poet's REAL name then we'll dump the submission. PLEASE use an email address that contains your correct name. It would be tragic and a waste of your time were you to win and we couldn't find your email address to notify you. LAST YEAR WE DITCHED TWO POSSIBLE WINNERS BECAUSE WE COULD NOT FIND THE EMAIL THAT MATCHED THE NAME THE POET SUBMITTED UNDER. BOTH THE NAME ON THE EMAIL AND THE NAME ON THE SUBMISSSION MUST BE THE SAME. COMMON SENSE IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT BUT SADLY SOME PEOPLE DON'T.


That's all there is to it, there is no catch, entry really is free and the prizes really are substantial; if you need to check out the quality of the books we produce then buy one at our 'Shop' using the button top-right of this page. Previous winners have gone on to be invited to read in the USA, the UK, Italy, Venice, Germany etc. The erbacce-prize for poetry is recognised world-wide as an important and  prestigious addition to any poets CV and a stepping stone to world-wide recognition.


Finally: GOOD LUCK to all of you. You may use the red link button below to email your submission and if all else fails email to alancorkish (at)

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