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Duane Locke

Duane Locke lives in Florida, rural Lakeland by an ancient oak, an underground stream, and an osprey nest.  As of July, 2009, he has 6,366 different poems published in ezines, print magazines and 14 books.  His latest (April 2009), a 376 page book of poems from the Canadian Publisher, Crossing Chaos ( is titled Yang Chu’s Poems.


He has a Doctor of Philosophy degree and his entertainment is reading philosophy.  His favorite philosophers are Martin Heidegger and Maurice Blanchot.  He is also a painter, his works are in permanent museum collections. Some can be found on internet. His main recreation is photographing tiny insects and artistic photography, sur photos that stress emotive responses to color arrangements rather than literal depiction. Many of his photos are displayed on internet. His art work is discussed in the book Extraordinary Interpretation (U of  Fla. Press) by Gary Monroe. He has designed many magazine and book covers.



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There comes those supremely rare occasions where one would recommend a book without even the most minute reservations. This is one of those occasions. After writing some 6,000 poems with numerous books published, one could be forgiven for thinking Locke would be slowing down and resting on his laurels; instead he is hitting his prime. This book is an example of the artistry, intelligence, skill and pure exburenance and vitality that is Duane Locke. He not only writes it, he lives it. He is a genuine article in a world that appears overstuffed with poseurs and lack of originality. And the dehumanization and 'dumbing-down' of society is one of the topics of this work. In fact, there is little of relevance it does not cover, encompassing a wide arc of death, love, true freedom and history. Read this book and be better for reading it. Read this book and read the work of a true genius.


- A.D Hitchin


Hitchin is published extensively in independent journals and e'zines including 'Blaze Vox, 'Dogmatika', 'ditch' and '3AM'. Feature poet at 'Counterexample Poetics', 'Outsider Writers', 'ditch', 'Poetry Warrior' and 'Shoots & Vines'. Author of 'The Holy Hermaphrodite' (Shadow Archer Press).