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David Tait

David Tait is a Lancaster/Leeds-based poet and Suitcase/Earthquake is his debut chapbook. David's poems have been published in numerous journals including The Cadaverine, Pomegranate, Cake, Poetry & Audience and Guardian Online. He is assistant editor of The Scribe magazine and is due to begin an MA in poetry at Manchester Metropolitan University. His poem, Bluebeard, won the Alison Morland Poetry Prize.








Last night I opened his long abandoned suitcase.

It has rattled with earthquakes and accusations for months.

Inside were normal things: pyjamas, white towels –

his long gone smell flooded back through my house,


and for two long minutes he raged in the armchair,

tremoring the curtain rails, putting out my lights.

He smashed up every photo-frame and window


in the street, then left. My neighbour’s shock.

The city-wide shriek of car-alarms.  


His long abandoned suitcase lost in the rubble.






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