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Two books from Craig Podmore

Craig Podmore's poetry not only leaves the reader shaken but often shaking as well.  This is poetry which is raw, brutally honest and scathing in its examination of the darker sides of human consciousness and desire.  Biting and often bleak, Podmore's poetry shows no mercy in its effective dissection of politics and religion.  I am a Gun is a remarkable collection which is full-voiced, hard-hitting and intelligent. - Dale Winslow


(Dale Winslow is a published poet, editor for NeoPoiesis Press and co-editor of the Poetry Ring feature for ETC: A Review of General Semantics. She lives in British Columbia, Canada.)




           I am a Gun


           I am no Warsaw hooker

           With my milk teeth

           Under my pillow.


           I am no atom bomb

           Made in America

           With far right Christian



           I am a gun,

           Fully loaded for a war that

           Means something.


           To me.





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On the Edge of Human Horrors


Sometime the flowers will bloom

And not the tears that shed from

The sense of being.


Sometime existence won’t hurt like

Crucifixion or strappado but only the

Moss of stillbirths -


Perpetuating stale beauties.


Broken brown, crumbling halos,

Curling, introvert cradles

Of coy comforts


On the edge of human horrors.


We are misunderstood

In the face of nature

And of a magpie’s eye


During a diamond funeral.

Death is more attractive than sex.


Like a catwalk.

And a car crash.