Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


Charlotte De'Ath




so barbie is hanging loose in the neighbourhood toy shop

she’s checking out her packets of clothes

sorting out a new outfit

when g.i.joe struts past

how’s it going doll face -  he asks

barbie pretends to ignore him

she’s got her little walkman on

she’s wearing headphones

her silly little blonde ponytail is swinging

from side to side

he marches off to look for his platoon

leading the packs of g.i.joes from the front of the shelf

but he’s lost

he’s got a map and a compass


still he’s hopelessly lost


barbie has changed into her commando outfit

all combat chic

armed herself from the beauty parlour accessories kit

stalked up behind him

she attacks him with her curling tongs

melts his eyes …





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