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betsy content bogert

It is with great sadness that we announce that on April 16th 2012, the poet Betsy Content Bogert passed away at the age of 56. She was an enthusiasic supporter of the co-operative ideals of erbacce-press and 'welcome to Earth' is a tribute to her memory; our sympathies today are with her family and friends...    R.I.P. betsy


welcome to Earth.


please keep all tentacles

and other appendages

inside the yellow lines.

smoking of all life-forms

is strictly prohibited.

single file, and kindly refrain

from eating the natives.

keep in mind -- this species is endangered.

this human zoo is brought to you by

Intergalactic Voyeurs, Unlimited.


seeded long ago with single-celled life,

such an outcome was never imagined.

sir, don’t laugh at the specimens --

they can’t help the way they look,

and they might take it personally.

hey! you, there! don’t touch!

you could lose a glopling that way!

no longer permitted weapons,

humans have become quite good

at utilizing their teeth,

which have evolved to fine sharp points.

no, there’s not much to see.

as I’m sure most of you know

the biosphere is in an emergency recovery phase.

all animal life is contained within the dome

so the planet may breathe again.

we’re still working on the ozone layer.

nuclear weapons were uninvented here

of necessity,

following a vote of the highest council.

just be grateful they never learned time travel

or we could all be in quite a mess.

yes, they do tend to mimic our expressions.




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