Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


Ben Barton

Ben Barton is a queer poet based in Folkestone, England. For over a decade he has had a voice in the small presses, publishing hundreds of poems on both sides of the Atlantic. Recently called "one of Britain's most promising young poets" by Three Lights, his critically-acclaimed first collection was The Red Book. To visit his site click here and to read a review click here. To purchase his book click HERE to email erbacce-press sales direct.





The forgotten birth after me,

a pair,

was my twin.

Ignored; they stared at me

but not him.

Wail and distress,

I moved with

the splashed white.


But he never.

My fingers twitched,

he was still.

I was bathed,

but he was shut away

in the morgue



Remember me, my brother too,

a pair.

Like the midwife did

when she smiled.

But he never smiled,

he never did.


I was wrapped in the

white shawl.

He was wrapped in the

white coffin and sunk,

while I rose.


Remember us.