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Ananya S. Guha

Ananya. S. Guha lives in Shillong, a town in North East India nestled among hills and pine trees. After completing his post graduate degree in English Literature from North Eastern Hill University he taught the subject for almost twelve years; in St. Edmund’s College Shillong his alma mater. In the meantime he obtained his doctoral degree from North Eastern Hill University on Modern Fiction. He joined the Indira Gandhi National Open University as Assistant Regional Director and is currently Joint Director Indira Gandhi National Open University New Delhi.


He has four collections of poetry and his poems have been published in numerous magazines, journals and anthologies in India; and a few abroad. He has also done some translations of modern Bengali poetry into English. He has been invited to poetry meets by Sahitya Akademi, the National Body Of Letters India, the National Book Trust of India; and the British Council. A.S.Guha has published articles on contemporary Indian Writing in English, criticism on Literary Studies, and journalistic articles for newspapers and magazines. He has also written and published papers on Distance Education, attended conferences on it in Hong Kong, New Delhi and other parts of India. He conducted a workshop on “Communication Skills And Creativity” in East Malaysia, for office workers in early 2004. He has been lecturing on Creative Writing to college students. In 1985 he visited England as part of the Group Study Exchange of Rotary International.




Dreams, they gyrate

In the mind’s terrain

And speak homecoming truths

Or are they images, which

The mind contemplates in tensile moments?

I do not know

All I know is that like

The recurrent ghost they are divinations of the

Future, past, present like a crystal

And harbour sensibilities, pictures in which

The camera takes snapshots.







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