Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


Aaron Lembo


A startlingly original chap-book from Aaron Lambo; poetry to make you think as well as to languish in the manipulation of words and phrases... (Sample from this collection; Long Distance, below the cover)

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Long Distance


You send me a Snapchat photo

of you posing in the black peignoir you purchased

from a store on the Champs-Elysees, two days prior.


I’m on my own chain-smoking

sat at my desk gazing at your vacant lot.

I see the spines of the books

piled high on the bureau where you used to write,

concentrate and read:

Carson, Nin, Beauvoir, Cixous and Benson…

My gullet burns as I gulp the Pernod

that too often fills my clay tumbler cup.


I suspect you’ll be dancing soon,

in some hipster bar down a back-alley,

more seductive than Salome; you’ll sway

and allure every set of dilated eyes.

I imagine in the corner of the room

a rogue who plays a blue guitar,

his fingers will slip and slide

over nylon strings

as everyone begins to undress.




Aaron has made a short film to accompany one of the poems in this collection; to view it click HERE