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A.J. Kaufmann

The Skull & The Rose

January 2007


You swore that you will love me

Under dark specific skies

So pour your waters down & let me love or die


A candle must be burning

Cause there’s a light upon my head

Shattered by the fading voices of the dead


The magic lamp has shattered

And a vision came on those

Who weren’t afraid to connect a skull with a rose


Once I told you a story

About the lovers from the past

And how they died and how their love could last


They both made a promise

A promise sure to keep

“Blood & tears will guide us into the big sleep”


And when the reaper came

He came right on harvest time

They drowned themselves in a glass of poisoned wine





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Spring lakes and mountains, coins

revolving at the door

night’s new kingdom sleeps

company of thieves

fire ice and bone

lice on face’s throne

spinning maggots, winter cheeks

alabaster leak


Monster lake and lion mountain

pedestal of flesh to funfair

circles spinning fast

thunder rain and trash

we were here

where are we now

we were at the periphery

whispering wind and singing rain

wandering pig meat cemeteries


Gore of summer, cruel sun

violent cluster full of fun

nursery rhymes and nursery slay

wonder children put to death

inner magic, run of veins

mortar for the magic man







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