Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to...


A word about Vanity Publishing before we progress. We, the erbacce team of (alphabetical order) Dr Alan Corkish, Matt Duggan, Jacqui Dunne, Pascale Gouverneur, Dr Ursula Hurley and Dr Andrew Taylor, are active in our fight to end the current system which seems to think it is acceptable to ask poets for a 'submission' fee or a 'reading fee' when entering competions or sending poetry to publishers for consideration. We run an annual competition and it is FREE to enter, we actively campaign AGAINST any alleged 'publisher' who asks the poet for any kind of fee. They are involved in a money-making racket, even those who claim to be arts-council-supported. NEVER pay to have your poetry read or published. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER.


Who is/are erbacce-press?


erbacce-press sprang from the poetry journal erbacce (it rhymes with ‘apache’ and is of Italian derivation referring to ‘weeds’). All of the erbacce team are established and widely published poets who know from experience how difficult it can be to get work accepted by publishers when your name is unknown; the poetry journal erbacce was established to give a voice to new and radical poets; those whose work may not have been accepted elsewhere. The journal ‘features’ a poet in each edition thus the chosen poet has half the pages in each journal to highlight their work.  




This is erbacce-press where we offer you, as a writer, a unique concept in publishing including the opportunity to have your book or chap-book published. Submit your poems to us (having first read the submission guidelines) and our panel will read them 'blind', if they like them, we publish them, simple as that... and we also supply the poet with a written contract paying royalties which are more generous than Random House or Penguin.


Our aims are to ensure that poets get paid for their work and to wage continuous war on parasitical Vanity Publishers. We are a poetry cooperative run by poets and paid for by poets; welcome to the family.


erbacce-press sprang from the journal and is now firmly established as a writers' cooperative. You could get your first 36/40 page chap-book or even a full perfect-bound book published with us; costs will be met by erbacce-press and/or fellow writers.


Every year on January 1st we open for submissions to the annual erbacce-prize for Poetry and entries close on May-day. All submissions are judged blind and there are various prizes on offer; first prize is the publication of the winners poetry collection; a perfect bound edition created by experts at cover design, typesetting and layout... we register every book with major libraries and of course with the ISBN registration service. Recently we have also selected runners-up who have either had perfect bound or chap books published by erbacce-press. We can't emphasise enough that the selection panel judge every entry 'blind' so it makes no difference if you are already widely published or are a beginner; your submission will be considered ONLY on the quality of the poetry.


To use this site:


If you are looking for a list of poets we have published then go to the 'Sales' button and on that page is a list of the poets we have created books and/or chap-books for. Click on a name and it will take you to more information about them.

If you wish to buy any particular book from us then details will be on the poets personal sales-page OR you can click on our 'Shop' button top right of every page where we list our perfect-bound books and prize-winning collections.


For details about the erbacce-prize for poetry which is open on January 1st each year and submissions are accepted up until May-Day each year click the link below. Details will be there at all times.