Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to grow...


Knotbrook Taylor

A perfect bound gem from a hugely talented poet;
112 pages with p/p included in the price.

Buzzard V Napoli

out on the road today
a buzzard in a tree
and a daydream of Naples

(Day 1. fumaroles and grappa)

rocks with mortal indecision – back and forth
unsure of what it is I mean
ready to fly but only if he has to

(Day 3. Castle Elmo - saw Escher and Velasquez)

the leaves seethe - his old wings ache
in a warm unseasonal breeze

(Cumae) (Vesuvius) (prego!)

what is it I see
in his side on eye


it’ll be the death of him
he knows and holds it
sure as thunder and road-kill

(Day 6. Herculaneum: children with accordions
begging on the train)


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