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Hullo everyone, at midnight GMT on April 30th 2020

the erbacce-prize for poetry 2020 closed for submissions


A HUGE thank-you to the over nine thousand poets who participated;

more submissions than we have ever had.




NUMBERS: This year we had more entries than ever; just over nine thousand submissions for the erbacce-prize 2020 and as always we have had entries from every country in the world. We narrowed it down to a long list which we list below. Over the next days/weeks our selection team will narrow these down to a winner, a runner-up (or runners-up) and four highly-commended who will be asked to be our featured poet in a future erbacce-journal


MALE/FEMALE/COUNTRY: Insofar as we can tell from names there is a definate increase in submissions from females. The balance is just a little short of 46 males to every 54 females this year. Also submissions from the UK have increased, probably due to the publicity given to the erbacce-prize from The Poetry Library and other publishers for which we are grateful however we have had submissions from all corners of the Globe as always.


WARNING for anyone submitting in the future! Despite REPEATED requests over the years to ensure your DISPLAYED email name actually matches (exactly) your WRITER NAME ...simply put; if I submit as the writer 'Alan Corkish' then my email display name must also be 'Alan Corkish'... NOT erbacceAlan, or AlanC not even alancorkish but as 'Alan Corkish') many submissions did not meet this simple common-sense request. EVEN some of these in the winners' lists. Let me give you another example because this is important; IF we choose (say) Aaron Kent as a winner then to notify him we will look for Aaron Kent in our email address lists. If it doesn't appear to be there because he has an email display that is even slightly different then we'll delete him and move to the next poet! NOTE: You do not have to change your email address, just change the DISPLAYED name. If you are on the list below then PLEASE CHECK you have a recognisable email address and contact us if necessary.


WHY do so many poets send submissions to the ERBACCE-PRIZE? The reasons why so many poets support the erbacce-prize is that it is free-to-enter AND (most importantly) it is totally unbiased. If you're a big-name poet it makes no difference because the judges/selectors never see the name of the poet, where they are from or even their gender until we get down to the hundred or so listed below. If you win the erbacce-prize for poetry then you know you really won it purely on merit and NOT because some profit-motivated publisher thinks they can cash-in on a big name. We are a not-for-profit cooperative and the six selectors (all poets and academics themselves) give their time (and sometimes their cash) in order to offer poets worldwide a chance to be published and recognised. So to the FINAL results:




Winner:    Tamara Fulcher; Edinburgh Scotland


Runner-up: Renée M. Sgroi;  Whitby Canada


Jacqui Dunne will interview; Paul Grant; Milton Keynes UK    for J62 July 1st 2020

Pascal Gouverneur will interview; Emily Lee; Belfast Ireland  for J63 October 1st 2020

Dr Andrew Taylor will   interview; Elinor Clark; Lincoln UK     for J64 January 1st 2021

Dr Ursula Hurley will interview; Tracey Hope; Brindisi Italy    for J65 April 1st 2021



And to those nine thousand others who never made the cut; don’t lose heart, the standard is VERY high indeed and exactly what constitutes ‘great poetry’ is in any case... debatable... bookmark our pages and try again in 2021; it will cost you NOTHING.


Here is a FULL list of the poets in alphabetical order from FIRST names that we long-listed from the 9,000+ submissions, If your name appears below then remember; you made this cut while well-over nine thousand other poets did NOT make it so bookmark the pages and try again in 2021... we open for submissions on January 1st 2021.



  Aaron Lembo; Maidstone UK            

  Adam Levon Brown; Oregon USA

  Aiko Lozar; California USA  

  Alan Toltzis; Pennsylvania USA

  Alec Solomita; Massachusetts USA

  Amanda Wells; Powys Wales

  Amy L. Bernstein; Baltimore USA

  Amy Spaughton; London UK

  Andrew Kelly; Wirral UK

  Annette Gagliardi; Minneapolis USA

  Anya Trofimova; London UK  

  Archita Sinha; Surrey UK

  Arianna Sebo; Alberta Canada

  Arun Jeetoo; London UK

  Ava Patel; Harrow UK

  Ben Sloper; Monmouthshire UK

  Benjamin Lee Farley; Pittsfield USA

  Bradley Arthur John Evans; Cambridge UK

  Brian McGettrick; Belfast Ireland

  Brian Weston; Barnet UK

  Bruce McRae; Salt Spring Island Canada

  Cara L McKee; N Ayrshire Scotland  

  Christopher James; Suffolk UK

  Daniel Fuller; Oslo Norway

  David Crook; London UK

  Dele Oladeji; London UK

  Dennis Tomlinson; London UK

  Dominic James; Gloucestershire UK

  Elena Croitoru; Kent UK

  Elinor Clark; Lincoln UK

  Ella Hopkins; Southwell UK

  Ellie Jackson; Edinburgh Scotland

  Elsa Fischer; Bern Switzerland

  Emily Lee; Belfast Ireland

  Emma Woodford; Bertem Belgium

  Emmanuel Springbok; Kraaifontein South Africa

  Eve Young; Leeds UK

  Finlay Peet; Kingston upon Thames UK

  Fred Johnston; Galway Ireland

  Gabriel Dantas Messias; Rio de Janeiro Brazil

  Gary Bills; Ledbury UK

  Grace Copeland-Tucker, Newcastle Upon Tyne UK

  Grainne-Dromgoole; London UK

  Greta Ross; Canterbury UK

  Hannah Else; Malpas UK  

  Hector McCormick; Bath UK

  Helen Harrison; Southport UK

  Helen Jeffery; Southport UK

  Indyanna Amy Grant; Devon UK

  Isabel Rebecca Levine; London UK

  Isabelle Thompson; Trowbridge UK

  J. J. Steinfeld; Charlottetown Canada

  James B. Nicola; New York USA

  James Robertson; Melbourne Australia

  Jane Katherine Angué; La Tour Sur Ord France  

  Janet Laugharne; Cardiff Wales

  Jennifer Elizabeth Vacher; London UK

  Jessica Borden; St Helens UK

  Jez Barron; Spalding UK

  Jocelyn Simms; St Andre sur Sevre France

  Joe Cushnan; Nottinghamshire UK

  John Lanyon; Chipping Norton UK

  John S Bryan; Kilburn UK

  Josef Craig Smith; Cardiff  Wales

  Kathryn Rose Newey Hertfordshire UK

  Kirese Kiana-Tandra Eshe Narinesingh; Claxton Bay Trinidad and Tobago

  Laura Celeste Stanley; Walsall UK

  Lauren Colley; Nottinghamshire UK

  Lauren Senior; Barnsley UK

  Leela Soma; Glasgow Scotland

  Liliana Negoi; Giurgiu county, Romania

  LindaAnn LoSchiavo; NY USA

  Lucía Orellana-Damacela; Connecticut USA

  Luke Bateman; Lancs UK

  Madeleine Davies; Buckinghamshire UK

  Maia Yolanda Wagener; London UK

  Mantz Yorke; Manchester UK

  Margaret Jean Royall; Nottinghamshire UK

  Marion Oxley; Todmorden UK

  Max Terry Fishel; Bromley UK

  Megha Sood; New Jersey USA

  Michael Alexander Tanner; Guildford UK

  Michael Flavin; Canterbury UK

  Morelle Smith; Fountainhall Scotland

  Natalie Carmona; North Harrow UK

  Natalie House; Staffordshire UK

  Neil Beardmore; Milton Keynes, UK

  Oliver Marlow; Eastbourne UK

  Otto Llewellyn Maximilian Marks; Pressbaum Austria

  Paul grant; Milton Keynes UK

  Paul Nash; Dublin Ireland

  Paul Tanner; Brighton UK

  Peggy Landsman; Florida USA

  Peter Branson; Rode Heath UK

  Rachel Wyndham; Peacehaven UK

  Renée M. Sgroi; Ontario Canada

  Rhiannon Violet Lois Berney; Wokingham UK

  Rhys Pearce; Roxburghshire  Scotland

  Robin A Dionne; Rhode Island USA

  Rochelle Maloney; Colchester UK

  Roderick Manson; Perthshire UK

  Rory Kilalea; Harare Zimbabwe

  Rose Robison; Milwaukee USA

  Ruth Horsfall; London UK

  Saleem Abdal-Khaaliq; NY USA

  Sally Spedding; Ammanford Wales  

  Sam Hickford; Rochdale UK  

  Sam Smith; Bridgend Wales

  Samuel Wood; Sheffield UK  

  Samuel Zane Farrell; Georgia USA

  Sana Malik; Hanwell UK

  Sanjeev Sethi; Mumbai India

  Sarah Simon; NY USA

  Sarra Culleno; Sale UK

  Scott Watson; Uttoxeter UK

  Sean Cho Ayres; California USA

  Shirley Anne Cook; Denham UK

  Sian Maciejowski; Twickenham UK

  Sophire Kes Fennell; London UK

  Stuart Macgregor; Glasgow

  Sujash Islam Purna; Missouri USA

  Sunita Thind; Derby UK

  Susannah White; Gloucestershire UK

  Susie Gharib; Latakia Syria

  Sven Kretzschmar; Schwalbach Germany

  Sylvia Anne Telfer; Rutherglen Scotland

  Tallulah Remond-Stephen; Paris France    

  Tamara Fulcher; Edinburgh UK

  Tania Haberland; Milano Italy

  Thomas Gallimore Barker; Staffs UK

  Tim Dowley; London UK

  Tim Downie; London UK

  Tiyana Robinson Henriques; London UK

  Tom Davison; Marion USA

  Tom McLennan; Liverpool UK

  Toti O'Brien; Los Angeles USA

  Tracey Hope; Brindisi Italy

  Tracy Davidson; Warwickshire UK  

  Yvette Naden; Crewe UK





...and that's it for 2020! If you missed the cut this time start planning ahead for the erbacce-prize 2021; it really IS the fairest, most prestigious, free-to-enter poetry competition in the WORLD... and thanks once again to the nine thousand + poets world-wide who participated... your submissions give a huge shout-out to all those money-grubbers who charge you reading-fees or entry-fees... and the elitists who support them. erbacce-prize will always be a 100% free-to-enter competition.