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The erbacce-prize for poetry 2018 is now able to announce a winner.


A HUGE thank-you to the close-to six thousand poets who participated.


OK; thanks for your patience everyone. The six judges have debated and discussed for over a week with regard to the long list and have arrived at the following:


Our winner of the 2018 erbacce-prize for poetry, chosen from just under six thousand entries world-wide is Lydia Unsworth of Amsterdam. Lydia will now have a publishing contract with erbacce plus we will create for her a perfect bound book of her poetry.


Two runners-up were selected and these are K V Skene of Canada and Catherine Edmunds of the UK who will also be offered a publishing contract with erbacce-press for either a chap-book or a smaller perfect bound book of up to 96 pages.


The more perceptive of you will have noted that our top three are all females however I remind you that all the judges receive the submissions ‘blind’ and have no idea of the gender or the country-of-origin of the poets.


Three other poets have been chosen to be ‘featured poet’ in forthcoming journals and these people will have roughly eighteen pages in the journal devoted to an interview and to their poetry; the erbacce-journal is distributed worldwide. These three poets are: Dennis Mombauer of Sri Lanka, Shikhandin of Hyderabad, India and Debasis Mukhopadhyay of Canada


So in short:

Winner: Lydia Unsworth of Amsterdam


Two joint runners-up:

Catherine Edmunds of the UK

K V Skene of Canada


Three poets chosen to feature:

Dennis Mombauer of Sri Lanka,

Shikhandin of Hyderabad, India

Debasis Mukhopadhyay of Canada



NUMBERS: Yet again we have topped well over five thousand submissions for the erbacce-prize and as always we have had entries from every country in the world. We have narrowed it down to a little over a hundred and twenty poets or just 2% of all the submissions received. These selections include a wide range of styles stemming from Australia, Bangalore (India), Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombo (Sri Lanka), England, France, Germany, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Karachi (Pakistan), Kerala (India), Lagos (Nigeria), Mumbai (India), Netherlands, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Amsterdam, Tbilisi (Georgia), Telangana (India),Tunisia (Africa), USA & Wales.


MALE/FEMALE: Insofar as we can tell from names there appears to be a slight increase in submissions from Males which is different to the past five years when we had about 5% more female submissions. All-in-all though the balance is still just a little short of 50/50. Also submissions from the UK have increased, probably due to the publicity given to the erbacce-prize from The Poetry Library and other publishers for which we are grateful.


Over the past few weeks the judges have been running a fine tooth-comb over the work submitted by the poets named below. Today we announce the winner and runners-up plus those poets we would like to ‘feature’ in the quarterly erbacce journal.


Our winner will receive a publishing contract with erbacce for publication of his/her works in a perfect-bound book, then one or perhaps two runners-up who will be offered a chap-book or perhaps a perfect-bound, then we will select four poets to be featured poets in our quarterly journal, as featured poet one half of the journal will be devoted entirely to their poems and an interview with one of the erbacce-judges.


WARNING for anyone submitting in the future! Despite REPEATED requests over the years to ensure your email address actually MATCHES your REAL NAME many submissions did not meet this standard request. EVEN some of these in the winners' lists. IF (for example) we choose Aaron Kent as a winner then to notify him we will look for Aaron Kent in the email lists. If it doesn't appear to be there then we'll delete him and move to the next poet! If you are on the list below then PLEASE CHECK and contact us if necessary.



And to those six thousand others who never made the cut; don’t lose heart, the standard is VERY high and exactly what constitutes ‘great poetry’ is debatable.


Here is a FULL list of the 2% which were selected for further consideration:


A D Winans - USA

Aaron Kent - England

Alexandru Diaconu - England

Alicia Winski - USA

Angela Christopher - England

Anthony Watts - England

Anwer Ghani - Babylon, Iraq

Athol Williams - England

B. Anne Adriaens - England

Bart Sonck - Belgium

Ben Britton - England

Ben White - USA

Bert Molsom - England

Bill Bulloch - England

Bill Dodd - Italy

Bill Lythgoe - England

Bill Yarrow - USA

Boutheina Boughnim - Tunisia, Africa

Brian Shouse - USA

Bruce Lader - USA

Carlos Hiraldo - USA

Carol Oberg - USA

Caroline Anne Coxon - England

Caroline Anne Uwins - England

Catherine Edmunds - England

Charlie Jones - England

Charlotte Irwin - England

Chenai Rebecca Takundwa - England

Chris Hardy - England

Chrissy Banks - England

Christopher Stammers - England

Claire Watt - England

Claudine Nash - USA

Clifford James Middleton - Germany

Clive Donovan - England

Clive Gresswell - England

Colette Hamilton - England

Connor McGhie - Scotland

David C. Miller - USA

David Wood - England

Debasis Mukhopadhyay - Canada

Debasish Roy - Kolkata, India

Dennis Mombauer - Colombo, Sri Lanka

Dominic Till - England

Elancharan Gunasekaran - Singapore

Elliot C. Mason - England

Eureka Hunte - England

Fabiyas M V - Kerala, India

Faleeha Hassan - USA

Fiona Sinclair - England

Gary P Moss - England

George Tomsett - Scotland

Gillian Barr - England

Glenn Robinson - Scotland

Helen Harrison - England

Hilary Hares - England

Iakovus Brown - England

Ion Corcos - Australia

Ivan de Monbrison - France

J. J. Steinfeld - Canada




Jack Segal - England

James B. Nicola - USA

James Tierney - Italy

Jane Angué - France

Jane Boxall - USA

Jennie Louise Byrne - England

Jim Bohen - USA

John Paul Davies - Co Meath, Ireland

John Raffetto - USA

John Sweet - USA

Jonathan Potter - England

K.V. Skene - Canada

Karrish Devan - England

Kelvin Kellman - Lagos (Nigeria)

Khatuna Tsuladze - Tbilisi, Georgia

Linda Burnett- England

Louise M. Hart - England

Lucia Orellana Damacela - USA

Lucy Winrow - Wales

Luis Elvira  - England

Lydia Unsworth - Amsterdam

Lynda Louise Hancock - England

Lynette Thorstensen - France

Mantz Yorke - England

Mara Adamitz Scrupe - USA

Margarita Serafimova - Bulgaria

Mark A Brewer - England

Martin Hayes - England

Martin Thomas - The Netherlands

Mary Newell - USA

Matthew James Friday - Germany

Maud Webster - England

Max Bowden - England

Michael Coy - Spain

Michael Philip Castro - USA

Michael Wyndham - England

Nickolas Urpi - USA

Paul grant - England

Penny Sharman - England

Pete Donohue - England

Peter Branson - England

Peter Tse - England

Phil Howard - England

Philip Byron Oakes - USA

R. Bremner - USA

Rajagopal Kaimal - Bangalore, India

Rebecca Griswold - USA

Roderick Manson - Scotland

Roger Elkin - England                          

Sally Spedding - Wales

Samiha Zubair - Karachi, Pakistan

Sanjeev Sethi - Mumbai, India

Sara Collie - England

Sarah Bigham - USA

Sarah Steele - England

Shikhandin - Telangana, India

Stephanie Portersmith - England

Steve Klepetar - USA

Stuart Buck - Wales

Tessa King - USA

Tree Riesener - USA

Zak Waters - England

Zara Shams - England