Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to grow...



...and that's all there is to it; nothing complicated, no fees, no complications,
just submit by clicking on the submission button (deactivated after May Day 2017)

(If you have problems with the link, send your submission to erbacce@blueyonder.co.uk)

Once we have your submission we will acknowledge it and then your identity will be removed and the poems will be sent to six members of our selection panel who are all widely published poets and/or academics and they will make the recommendations for a short-list from which the winner will be chosen. In June 2017 we will place a short list on this page and then towards the end of June 2017 the winner(s) will be announced. All poems sent will also be considered for publication in future erbacce journals which we publish quarterly.

We would hope to have the winner's book(s) ready for sale by Christmas 2017 but that depends on how quickly the winner(s) get their MS to us at erbacce. We will work with the poet to produce a book they will be proud of; consulting and suggesting at every crucial stage.

PLEASE do enter! There really is no catch; it's entirely FREE!

A word to the wise; which shouldn't need saying but unfortunately it does: every year we get email submissions from poets with email addresses like pluto-seminides@yahoo.com and that's really very witty if you're aged six and a half. The email address probably belongs to someone called Peter Smith. However should Peter Smith win then we have to seek-out his email address among 10,000 others on our books. And of course he doesn't exist; all that exists is the idiotic pluto-seminides... and so Peter Smith is never discovered and eventually his winning poems are dumped. PLEASE; send submissions in an email address which contains your PROPER NAME. That means; petersmith@yahoo.com or even petersmith9733@yahoo.com but PLEASE NOT pluto-seminides@yahoo.com ...ALL serious publishers will reject daft email addresses; do yourself a favour; it would be tragic to win... and then to be dumped because we can't find you...

we hope you'll consider entering, and if you do;
GOOD LUCK to everyone...

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