Weeds grow where they want to; not where they're told to grow...


Angela Keaton

NOTE: This book is printed on extra-heavy A4 paper.

Angela Keaton has had installations exhibited at Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, Lancashire, including demented retrospect (see page version) a work that had its Genesis in the sighting of a group of hot air balloons drifting over a university campus during a Creative Writing Conference, the co-location was too tempting an opportunity to miss. Lacking the finance to have her texts inscribed onto similar balloons, smaller helium versions were substituted and allowed to drift over the heads of the audience during a poetry reading in the university’s Rose Theatre.

The influences on her writing are evident in her work; amongst others, traces of Oulipo, the Language poets and Zen can be discovered but she makes of them something that differs from any and is distinctly her own. She speculates upon what it is possible to do with ‘language’ using that term in the widest sense and then does what is not, she experiments with the visual, sonic, textual and installation. For her poetry is not just about marks on paper it is a total sensory experience.

She has no intention in advance of writing a particular poem, it is only in retrospect that she discovers what she has created and can then share it with a ‘reader’ or spectator and allow them to interpret it as they will. Each work is a speculation on how her future poetry could be written, and perhaps, why?

A small number of signed copies are available; email alan@erbacce.com or erbacce@hotmail.com for details...

Also by Keaton; an A5 chapbook:

NOTE: This book is printed on extra-heavy A4 paper.

quasi words
enjoy responses
taken yesterday
until indicative
optical portents
annul some
detailed focuses
grant hung-over
judges knowledge
later zymologists
xlograph clearer
versions before
noticing morphology

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